About us

Vinibis d.o.o.

VINIBIS is a slovenian private-owned company specialised in the area of project management and project coordination.

We offer our services to organisations from the public and private sector successfully manage and coordinate their grant funded projects by monitoring the project implementation through its entire lifecycle, performing risk management and initiating corrective measure if necessary as well as assuring our clients’ compliance with the obligations set for them in their grant agreements.

We also organise meetings, track progress, costs, resources and scheduling, coordinate the preparation and distribution of deliverables as well as ensure their quality and take care of all other things that under the area of project management and coordination.

VINIBIS is one of the leading project management companies in Slovenia, with a rich background of experience, tried working methods, highly educated employees and knowledge in the use of IT tools. We have almost 10 years of working experience in the area of project coordination and, on average, manage between 30 and 40 projects every year.

Our Services

The Vinibis company offers you quality business and project services. We offer comprehensive support in the field of obtaining grants, namely:

– consulting on the conceptual design of the project;

– advising on the selection of the appropriate tender according to the needs of each organization;

– support in the preparation of project and tender documentation;

– support in forming partnerships;

– notification of domestic and foreign tenders;

– support in the implementation of the project;

– support in reporting and drawing on the funds received;

– consulting in the introduction of the project work system;

– support in the preparation of business and investment plans.


Our competitive advantages in providing services are:

– high quality;

– specialization in various tenders and many professional fields;

– providing the entire service from the idea to the implementation of the project;

– support in reporting and drawing on funds received;

– the project manager constantly cooperates with clients and partners and coordinates requirements from all sides;

– time adjustment to customers;

– availability of a quality partner network of Slovenian and foreign partners;

– different payment options for result-related services;

– co-financing of our services by the state;

– creating an optimal solution for the client by our employees, as they have a lot of knowledge and experience and different fields of education, which complement each other;

– continuous development of new services, especially in the processes of quality control of project preparation.


Please check also a list of our recent realised projects.


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