What kind of organization can obtain a grant?

Which grants your organization can receive depends on meeting several criteria:

Content of the project

Co-financing is usually linked to a specific project content, which can also be linked to a specific type of organization. This is for example research work in a specific field, development of a new product or service, implementation of certain education or training and much more. It is usually necessary to demonstrate that the project is viable even after the grant funding period elapses. The project plan must be well defined, clear and containing specific results.

Legal status of grant organization

The legal status of your organization also plays a role in the possibilities for obtaining a grant. If we take business and EU funding as an example, then small and medium-sized enterprises come into play in most tenders.

Influence of the region for obtaining grants

Many grants are earmarked for specific regions or locations. Some programs operate at the local level, others at the national level, and still others at the international level, so the geographical location or area of ​​activity of your organization can be crucial.

Amount of grant available

The amount of funds available depends heavily on the area in which you plan to implement the project. Additional assistance may also be available for organizations investing in socially disadvantaged areas or carrying out their activities there, especially if this creates new jobs. As an example we can look at the European Union, which has identified certain areas as a priority for grants, as they need more help due to their current economic situation (less developed areas).

Impact of the activity on the grant

Type of activity: Funding schemes are often designed to develop specific industries, social groups and activities. It is good to know these priority activities, as this knowledge can help us to raise funds successfully.

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