Steps to the grant

Four steps to a grant

Successfully obtaining a grant certainly enables faster and easier provision of funds to cover investments, and thus faster growth and development of many organizations. An innovative idea, a suitable tender and a successful application are crucial for the successful acquisition of a grant within with these 4 steps.

1. Choosing the right call for your idea

One of the first steps is choosing the right call for your idea. Depending on your development plans, your activity and the project idea, it is necessary to find the most suitable tender where you can target the grant application. You need to take time to do this in peace, as it is necessary to find and read the various published and announced tenders, which are located in different areas. In doing so, you must also pay attention to the application deadline.

2. Formulation of a project idea

If you know the business thoroughly than you are doing your best. You definitely need to follow the development trends in your area and around the world and trying to place yourself at the very top within the industry in which you operate. Accordingly, you need to formulate your project idea and assess what your chances of obtaining a grant are based on your idea.

3. Preparation of appropriate documentation and application for the tender


The content part includes the preparation of project documentation, which includes the presentation of the investment, determination of the purposes and objectives of the project, breakdown and structuring of the project content, determination of results, etc. In doing so, you must make sure that the project complies with the requirements of the tender.


It includes the preparation of a financial construction for the investment, the preparation of projections of financial statements for future years of operation, the preparation of the cost estimate of the project investment, the distribution of costs by partners (if any), the calculation of breakthrough points, the preparation of financial indicators, etc. Here, too, everything must comply with the requirements of the application, and you must also be careful about which costs are eligible for co-financing and which are not.


The formal part or the administrative part includes the collection and creation of attachments, obtaining signatures, sending documentation, communication with partners, etc.


When submitting a project, we take care of the timely and complete submission of project documentation; applications received after the submission deadline are rejected. When submitting, we must once again check the prescribed form of the application, the required attachments, the suitability of the application form (in Slovene or a foreign language).


The organization must have a model of double control of the prepared documentation in order to ensure the adequacy and correctness of the submitted application and annexes before submission.

4. Amendments

After the submission of the project documentation, the tenderer may still request additions and changes, which must be submitted within the required deadlines and in the prescribed manner.

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